Welcome to Ludewa Clean Energy Ltd

Ludewa Clean Energy Limited is a private limited company incorporated in United Republic of Tanzania. The main core business objective of the company is power generation, distribution and supply to national grid network. 

The management of Ludewa Clean Energy Limited is now in the process to undertake ground work for development of Kitewaka hydro power project; in this case, it is seeking financial support from various locally based and foreign financing institutions including the Rural Energy Agency (REA) among others.

The Kitewaka Hydropower Project is a project designed to take the challenge posed by the government’s resolve to invite the private sector to enter into power generation in order to address the recurrent electricity black-outs in the country. Thus upon seeing the Kitewaka/Mhangasi  River as having the qualities of being one of the sources of hydropower generation, the Project Promoters Ms Ludewa Clean Energy Limited has resolved to conceive the Kitewaka Hydropower Project and are now keen to activate it. 

At a chosen site along the Kitewaka/Mhangasi  River, a run-off- River or small dam (subject to full bankable feasibility study) to be constructed in order to collect the water and lead the same downwards thereby increasing the speed of the water flow in turn rotating the water turbines in the powerhouse thereby driving the generators to generate electricity. Transformers will be fixed to facilitate the long distance transmission of the generated electricity.