Power Supply


Headed by the Senior Manager Distribution, this division is responsible for distribution, Health & Safety.

Operations Section

It is through this section that the Marketing Business Unit overseas the operations of regional operations. The section monitors regional operations through regular reports such as weekly and monthly reports and also various statistical analyses based on regional reports.

One of the major roles of the operations function is to ensure the availability of distribution materials of the right quality to enable smooth distribution of electricity to customers. The section also carries out survey for the purpose of mapping out distribution networks. To ensure continued and uninterrupted distribution services, the operations section has also been entrusted with the responsibility for overseeing maintenance of electricity distribution network.

The Distribution function also draws specifications of various distribution materials to as to ensure materials procured conform to the required standards.

The Operations Section of the Distribution Division also carters as an R&D unit thus working in search for new technology that will ensure efficient use of materials at low cost.

Health & Safety Section

While we all need electricity, we all should know that electricity is dangerous. Ludewa Clean Energy workers are exposed to risks of accidents while at work. Our customers are also exposed to electricity related risks due to poor electrical installations and faulty electrical appliances. Electricity can kill or cause severe and permanent injury but careful planning and straightforward precautions can help us avoid most of the accidents.

Our health and safety unit was established for the purpose of ensuring all possible measures are taken to prevent electrical accidents and creating a health wise sound working environment in accordance with the Occupational Health & Safety Act. To learn more about this section